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WordWhizzle is yet another fun word game, but there are the right kind premise changes that make the game much more interesting.

Wordwhizzle iconAbout WordWhizzle

WordWhizzle was originally launched for Android users, but now iOS users can play this one too. Apprope, which has earlier done games like WordBubbles and Wordcross, has released the app, which can be downloaded for free on both platforms. However, there are in-app purchases.

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How to get started?

While the game has a tutorial, the task is rather simple. Every puzzle has one clue and you need to guess words using letters that are placed in a grid, and you can swipe your fingers as you want to get the answers. If you cannot find an answer, you can use hints, which can be used to find the right letters. Hints can be purchased, as needed, from the store for real cash, and you can also earn for the right answers. Make sure to use hints wisely as you will need more at the advanced levels.

What’s good?

WordWhizzle doesn’t really feel boring, despite a theme that has been done in many ways by other games. There are over 700 themed levels, and one can play the game with Facebook friends too. In terms of design and interface, the game has nice of colors, and the game play is simple but effective. A short tutorial at the start is also a worthy addition.

What’s not great?

The game has constant banner ads at the bottom of the screen, which is quite annoying, but thankfully, there is a choice to go add-free. Please keep in mind that the in-app purchases are pretty luxurious and make ask for plenty of money.

Final verdict

As a word game, WordWhizzle never loses steam and retains the charm, which is a great thing. Try this one for that alone.


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