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Guessing words is your thing? Well, Words Crush – Hidden Words promises to be fun, engaging and has some great tweaks in a familiar genre.

Words CrushAbout Words Crush

Words Crush is a fun game that has been released by BitMango. The game can be downloaded on Android and iOS for no charges, but players would find in-app purchases, which can be useful when struck at the tough levels with no solutions.

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How to get started?

Most of us have played word guessing at some point, and this game also feels the same in some ways. Using the letters that are placed in a grid, the task is to find the right words. For the same, you can use fingers in vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backward modes, and if the answers are correct, you will get rewards. There are five modes namely easy, normal, hard, extreme, and variety, along with daily puzzles and rewards to be won. The game also has hints, which will help you get ahead, and if you need hints, you can buy more from the store. Note that you must solve all words before you move from one level to next.

What’s good?

There are free puzzles that are added for every day fun, which is great. Words Crush does have a tutorial at the start, which works great, while the design and interface are adequate. As for the puzzles, things aren’t too tough or easy, which should cater to all kinds of players.

What’s not great?

If you are someone who doesn’t like full screen ads and banner ads, this game can totally push you down, as the gaming experience is hampered big time.

Final verdict

Overall, Words Crush scores in most of the departments. For a genre that’s often clichéd, this game doesn’t miss the beat by any chance.


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