Word Smart for PC

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Word Smart for PC
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Looking for a fun word game with a difference? Read on to find why Word Smart– A Brain Training Game can be the choice you are looking for!

Word Smart iconAbout Word Smart

Word Smart has been developed, designed and released by Hi Studio Limited, and is being promoted as a word game that can be enjoyed by all kinds of players. The main game is available for iOS and Android for free, while there are a few in-app purchases within the app.

How to get started?

Word Smart doesn’t have too many features, which makes it very easy to understand. The game has grids with letters, and all you have to do is guess the right words. For solving each word, you can swipe your fingers up, down, left, right, diagonally, and even backwards. Please note that the grid sizes will increase as you move up on the ladder, with packs having 6×6 grids and beyond. If you are struck at any points, there are hints that will help you get ahead, and if needed, you can buy more from the store. One must solve one pack to move to the next, which is a must.

What’s good?

The designers have worked hard on the interface to keep it simple, while focusing more on puzzling and guessing elements. All in all, the game is effective with a lot of levels, and therefore, you are likely to keep playing this one for a long time.

What’s not great?

If you care for the game experience, the ads at the bottom of the screen can be pretty annoying. Also, there are full screen ads popping now and then.

Final verdict

All in all, Word Smart is effective and has the right puzzling value at place. For word game lovers, this one can be a fun delight worth the time.


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