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Looking for a fun word guessing game? Word Imposter is a fun shot at word guessing, with a smart and effective tweak in the premise.

Word Imposter iconAbout Word Imposter

Second Gear Games has done a number of great games in the past, and Word Imposter is yet another addition to the list. The app is available for both iOS and Android for no extra cost, but there are in-app purchases to help the player.

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How to get started?

In most word guessing games, the task is to guess a word, but in this app, you have an additional task. The first task is to find the picture that is different from the group of four pictures given. Once you are done, you have to find the word that connects the three images, and for that you will have a set of grouped letters. If you are struck, coins can be used to find the right answer or right letters. Coins can earned for right answers or purchased for real cash, so make sure to be cautious with taking help.

What’s good?

The app has a tutorial at the start of the game, which is a great tool for new players. There are more than 400 puzzles, and Word Imposter makes sure that you have fun from the start. The game has a great interface and design, and players can choose to play in English, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish languages, for more fun.

What’s not great?

The game works in most things, barring that in-app purchases are expensive. With puzzles being tough and demanding more attention, you may need coins more.

Final verdict

Word Imposter may seem like a game you have played before, but the puzzles are tough enough to keep you addicted. Take a shot for that alone.


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