Word Cookies for PC

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Word Cookies for PC
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wordcookiesanswersWith so many different varieties and styles of word puzzle games on the app stores, it’s hard to come across one that truly stands out. Here’s where Word Cookies by BitMango comes in!
Word Cookies works as an anagram style game where you need to use letters provided to form words of various lengths. The letters are presented to you in a circle at the bottom of the screen and you slide your finger from letter to letter to create a word. Words and their required lengths are displayed at the top of the screen. To begin with words will start off easy at 2 or 3 letters long. As you progress through the levels and differing difficulties, words will become longer and you’ll be given more letters to choose from.

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This game is definitely brain-challenging and requires a relatively decent grasp of the English language to master. If you consider your vocabulary to be pretty good already, you’ll be glad to find something to challenge you. Otherwise, Word Cookies is perfect to expand your existing vocabulary or to help teach children new words.
The special levels included in each set of levels, or “Packages” are most welcome. In these extra levels you will be given a good deal more words to guess and each will provide you with much needed additional points to help level up your “Chef Level”. Along with points from guessing words come coins after completing a package. Coins allow you to purchase hints which unveil the first letter of a word. Keep in mind that hints reveal one letter at a time, so don’t go spending all of your coins in one go!
With gorgeously designed graphics, plenty of colour and addictive gameplay, Word Cookies is totally worth a download. Plus it’s free, so what are you waiting for?

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