Word Academy for PC

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Word Academy is a great brain teasing app loaded with exciting guessing game play using grid puzzles, ensuring ample entertainment for players of all ages,

Word Academy iconAbout Word Academy

Scimob is the developer behind this app, and the team has done a stunning job with the entire game in most ways possible. The game has been developed by Scimob and is a part of the many other fine games by the developer like 94%. Word Academy is currently free for download for both iOS and Android, and has in-app purchases.

How to get started?

Word Academy has puzzles in form of 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 at different levels. Each level must be cleared to unlock the nest, and there are some great names for each pack of puzzles into one level like Teddy Bear, Baby, Sandbox and so on. The idea is to guess the right word or a group of words from the grid. Hints are available to help and can be used to reveal letters. For extra hints, one must clear each level or buy additionally from the store.

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What’s good?

Word Academy is exclusively good and well themed with regards to the genre, and the puzzles do have good brainstorming value. The ads are also placed wisely, and the overall color scheme and graphics is pleasing to the eyes. The initial levels may be easy, but right at third level, the game starts teasing the patience and mind.

What’s not great?

Hints may seem like very important, especially when the player is out of ideas. The hints aren’t particularly expensive, but that seems like a burden.

Final verdict

Word Academy is worth the time for the fact that it remains true to the genre and offers great puzzles in a simple format. For those who love puzzling apps to kill time, this one demands attention.


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