Who's the Player for PC

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Who's the Player for PC
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Who’s the Player is a fun new game around football players, promising great fun with guessing in a familiar but interesting premise.

Who's the Player iconAbout Who’s the Player

“Who’s the Player? Free Football Soccer Sport Quiz Word Pic Game” has been released by ARE Apps Ltd, who have previously designed games like Whats the Team. The game is free but for now, it is available on iOS only. There are in-app purchases within the app.

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How to get started?

Guessing games often feel and have a similar feel, and this game isn’t different in that respect. Here, you have picture clues, and the task is to find the right football player. For finding the answers, you will have letters at the bottom of the image. In case you are struck, there are coins, which can be used to find the right letters or reveal the answer. There are over 1600 players from varied leagues, so there’s a lot to be enjoyed. Coins can be purchased additionally from the store in form of in-app purchases.

What’s good?

With a huge number of players to be guessed, this game is a big treat for football fans. Who’s the Player doesn’t have many big things to boast of, but the interface and design is simple and effective in limited ways. What’s good is the incredible way the developers have created the game with multiple choices.

What’s not great?

There aren’t many lags, except that the app size is heavy. Also, the game isn’t available on Android for now, which is kind of sad, given that many players would love the genre.

Final verdict

All in all, Who’s the Player makes sense to all kinds of football fans, and with those huge puzzles, you are likely to keep playing for long. This one is worth a try!


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