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Symbology for PC
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With so many puzzlers available, Symbology is a good addition to the genre, with a premise where a few symbols guide players in guessing the exact objects.

Symbology iconAbout Symbology

The game has been designed by Random Logic Games, LLC, which happens to be the same developer that has created champion games, including Guess the Movie and Guess the GIF. The game is at present free for download on iOS and Android platforms and has in- app purchases.

How to get started?

Random Logic Games, LLC has designed a lot of uncomplicated games with a supreme foundation, and Symbology is right in the same genre. In the game, the player has a complete list of one or many symbols that tip to something, and the guesses can be as diverse. In case you cannot solve a level, you can ask the question or puzzle via Facebook option. Each puzzle comes with a list of symbols and a set of jumbled up alphabets meant to guide players.

The hints here are in-game currency and can be earned for every correct puzzle and used to crack them. The hints can be used for getting clear of letters, revealing a exact letter or disclosing the answer. The in-app purchases are hints, which can be bought additionally.

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What’s good?

Symbology is a reasonable, straightforward game with trouble-free graphics that don’t command big things from your device. The hint system is well developed and players can find themselves investing, as the puzzles have good brainstorming value.

What’s not great?

The background music feels unwanted to be precise, and you will hate the irksome ads that keep loading at the bottom of the screen.

Final word

Symbology is pleasurable and nice-looking riddle game that should be enjoyed by most people. For puzzle lovers, this is worth a try!


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