Slice Words For PC

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Slice Words For PC
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Waiting for a word puzzler that has a different premise? Look no beyond than Slice Words, which brings the best of word gaming with hints of crossword along with an exciting language side-game.

Slice Words iconAbout Slice Words

The game has been designed and developed by Dekovir, Inc and is free for download. Available for iOS and Android, the game has in-app purchases in form of coins. There is also an extra game within the app, where players can learn a new language with choice of 13 options.

How to get started? 

Essentially, there are two parts of the game. The first part is a word game, where there is a clue at the top of the puzzle, and you will have to use the grouped letters together to make right words. The words should be relatable to the clue, and if you are struck, you can always use hints to get out. Hints can be purchased or earned for right answers. The second part of the game is all about testing language skills, with choice of 13 languages.

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What’s good?

If you like new games with innovative premises, Slice Words is worth a try. In the first game, there are more than 50 levels, and every level brings amazing combination of word game with crossword elements. As for the language game, this one works for anyone who knows a second language. The interface and game play is effective enough to keep you hooked from the start.

What’s not great?

There are many full screen ads, which are irritating and disturbs the game. Apart from that, the hints may be needed more frequently as the game tests players well right from the first few levels.

Final verdict

Fun and unique in its own ways, Slice Words demands attention for its sheer premise and well executed design.


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