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Point Words is an exciting new addition to the genre of word games, with the right twists to get the player hooked from the scratch.

Point Words iconAbout Point Words

Point Words has been developed and released by Dekovir, Inc and is free on both iOS and Android. However, there are in-app purchases within the app to help the player. The game has an element of mystery, which works well with the concept of guessing the right word.

How to get started?

The model of Point Words is somewhat complex, so it is quite possible that you will need some time to understand the game. Here, you have more complicated locations, where there is a tangled set of words, which must be guessed and for that, you have some jumbled up words. The puzzles or words in the locations are interlinked, so as you keep solving one word after another, you can get a letter revealed for the other. There are in-app currencies, in form of coins, which can be used for help.

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What’s good?

Point Words is indeed charming and different some of the common games that we know of. There are more than 100 locations, each one being meticulously twisted. Also, in total, there are around 1000 word puzzles. The initial levels are tough enough, so brace yourself for some fun ahead.

What’s not great?

There are some annoying full screen ads out there, which could be distracting. The game is complicated, so adding a tutorial at the start would have helped. Coins may seem essential as most puzzles from the start are tough enough and hints will be used frequently.

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Final verdict

If you like new premises and exciting game play, Point Words is the right one to keep on your device. Without big noise, it delivers to quite an extent!


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