7 Little Words For PC

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7 Little Words is a fun game about word guessing, which promises to be plenty of fun with a great premise and incredible features.

7 Little Words iconAbout 7 Little Words

The game has been designed and developed by the developers Blue Ox Technologies Ltd and is free for download. The game is available on both iOS and Android and has in-app purchases, although the main game is free. 7 Little Words mainly works for its incredible changes that make word guessing fun.

How to get started?

It might take some time before you can understand the game, but there is a tutorial for help. The game has packs of puzzles, and the first one called sunrise is free and has 50 puzzles. In each puzzle, you will have 7 clues, 7 mystery words, and 20 letter groups, and the task is to get the mystery words right, which must be made from grouped letters. In case you are struck at some point, there are in-app purchases that will help you in staying afloat. Keep in mind that the game can be complicated, so use those free hints wisely.

What’s good?

7 Little Words has the right changes in the word guessing format, and that works greatly. The puzzles may be limited for free, but the game gets high on guessing right from the start. Also, you will have daily puzzles for free, which is also a good thing for regular players. Puzzles also can be played randomly, and so you don’t need to solve one puzzle to move to the next.

What’s not great?

Apart from the first 50 puzzles, other packs must be purchased, and that’s easily the saddest part. Also, you may need in-app purchases more than often.

Final Verdict

Apart from the purchases, 7 Little Words is good fun and has all the things in place. If you love fun with words, this one is worth the time.

EmojiNation 2 for PC

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Think you loved mindboggling puzzles in EmojiNation? Take a shot at EmojiNation 2, which is equally fun, more happening and incredibly well designed

EmojiNation 2 iconAbout EmojiNation 2

EmojiNation 2 is a fun game around puzzles, which has been designed and developed by CloudTeam- the same team that had designed the much popular prequel. While the game is free for download for iOS and Android, there are in-app purchases in form of coins.

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How to get started?

The game has a background story happening and works just like the prequel, except that the puzzles are better here. The task is very simple – use the emojis to find the right phases or words for each puzzle. For solving the puzzle, you will have a set of letters to find the answer. If you are unable to move ahead, you can use coins to find the answer, reveal the right letters or eliminate the wrong ones. If you need more coins, you can spend money and buy for real cash, but make sure to use them wisely as the puzzles are very complicated. In fact, you will be too surprised to find how simple phases may be hard to guess.

What’s good?

EmojiNation 2 is fun because it never tries too hard. The puzzles are neither too hard nor too easy, and that kind of makes it more additive. In terms of design and interface, the graphics are better than the prequel. For fans of EmojiNation, this one is a treat.

What’s not great?

The version of the game doesn’t work for certain Android devices that are not updated, so you should check the same. As for the game, there are not many lags, but the initial game play may be confusing to some.

Final Verdict

Unless you want to find flaws, EmojiNation 2 is worth the time. Apart from the similar theme, the game has most of the things in its favor.


1 Pic 8 Words for PC

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1 Pic 8 Words is a fun game that revolves around picture clues and word guessing, with some good additions for great twists.

1 Pic 8 Words iconAbout 1 Pic 8 Words

1 Pic 8 Words has been developed and released by Y A QU A. Like many of the apps by the developer, the game is only available for iOS, so it remains to be seen if an Android app comes up. The game is free, but there are in-app purchases within the app.

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How to get started?

This is a very simple game, where the task is to find the eight words, which will be clued in a picture. For guessing the answers, there are set of letters. If you cannot move ahead, you can use coins, which work as hints and will reveal the right letter. There are hundreds of puzzles in the game, and if you solve puzzles real quick, you will get in-app rewards. The images are diverse, starting with animals, sports, monuments, objects, cooking, landscapes and much more. Hints can be purchased additionally from the store. You should be using hints wisely, because some puzzles are tough.

What’s good?

1 Pic 8 Words is a genuinely fun guessing game. The design and interface are well designed and don’t lose the steam, but it is the exciting twist to the pic guessing genre that works wonders. There are new puzzles that are added regularly, so the fun really doesn’t stop.

What’s not great?

Most of us know how Android popularity is increasing, and as such, the game remains limited to iOS only, which is quite not expected.

Final verdict

For all the right reasons, 1 Pic 8 Words is worthy of your mind boggling times. While the premise seems a lot familiar, there is no denying of the merit, especially for the well designed picture puzzles.

Apensar for PC

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Like guessing games? Apensar: Guess the Word is a fun game that promises a lot for all kinds of players with some new elements and great changes in theme.

Apensar IconAbout Apensar

Apensar is available for free on iOS and Android, but players have hints, which will work as in-app purchases. The app has been designed by ICO Group, and a recent update has introduced Portuguese, and now the players can play the game in three languages.

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How to get started?

The game has a tutorial at the start. The main task is very simple – There are four picture clues, and you will have to guess the word using them. There is a set of letters that should be used to find the right answer. When you cannot solve a puzzle, you can use hints to find the right letters or skip a puzzle. A few hints are free at the start, but keep in mind that advanced levels can be tough, so these hints should be used with care.

What’s good?

Honestly, most of the games look and feel the game in this genre, but Apensar works on many levels. Firstly, the design and interface works big time, and the cartoon theme is well done. The game allows you to share puzzles on social media, and you can play in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages, which is quite a choice.

What’s not great?

Those constant banner ads at the bottom of the screen are not something that makes gaming happening for sure. The hints are a tad more expensive, so keep a watch on the money you spend.

Final verdict

Despite being a genre that’s often overdone, Apensar is fun and doesn’t really lag at any point. Take a shot, and you will love this one for its puzzling value alone.

WordSpace for PC

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Looking for a cute looking word guessing game? WordSpace can be that and much more! Read on to find the best things about the game.

WordSpaceAbout WordSpace

After designing games like Jelly Pop Free and Original Snake Lite, Blue Wind has come up with WordSpace, which promises fun with word guessing. The main game is free for download and is available on both iOS and Android. There are in-app purchases within the app.

How to get started?

The good thing is the tutorial at the start of the game. The game has more than 400 levels and counting, and you can see them in a map, in the way as in games like Candy Crush. The task of the player is to guess words using letters, which are placed in a grid, and as you move ahead, the size of the grid will increase, and you may have to guess more than one word. It is very essential that the letters are used in right order to find the words, else the puzzle may look unsolvable. There are hints to help in tough levels, and you can buy more from the store.

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What’s good?

While this is a genre that looks overdone on many occasions, WordSpace has its heart in the right place. There is huge number of levels, and the game would appeal to all kinds of players. What’s good is the addition of the tutorial. The design and interface is simple and has cartoonish elements, which works rightly.

What’s not great?

There are no clues for the puzzles, and for some players, things may look complicated after the initial levels. Android users may witness a black screen appearing suddenly on the screen, which is weird.

Final verdict

WordSpace has all the right things in place, with a few negligible flaws. If you are looking beyond that, the game would look fun and worthy.