Word Cubes for PC

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Love word games? Try out Word Cubes, which promises to be a great game with the right kind of tweaks and changes in the premise.

Word CubesAbout Word Cubes

The main free for download for both iOS and Android users, although there are in-app purchases, which will help the player in getting started. Word Cubes has been developed and released by Best Word Game Studio and is being promoted as a game that will offer something for all kinds of players.

How to get started?

At the start of the game, there is a practice session, and the main game contains over 500 puzzles that are placed in 30 different packages. Your task is to find words with letters that have been placed in a grid, and for that you can swipe your finger up, down, left, right and diagonally across the grid. There are six grid modes – 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7, and therefore, as you get ahead, things will start to look complicated. Just in case you are struck, just make sure to use the hints to find the right letters.

What’s good?

Overall, The interface and design of the game are designed to be simple, and yet, things are really effective. There is huge number of puzzles in more than 30 packs, which is huge and one would take many days to complete this one. For those who love simple games, this one may mean fun!

What’s not great?

The ads at the bottom of the screen are pretty annoying, and to top it all, there are even full screen ads, which may have a big impact on the experience. Some of the levels can seem to be complicated.

Final verdict

For the number of puzzles alone, you can certainly take a shot at Word Cubes. With its simple but effective premise, this one is a worthy choice.

WordBubbles For PC


WordBubbles is a fun game in the genre of word search that promises plenty of fun for puzzle lovers with numerous levels and a decent interface.

WordBubbles IconAbout WordBubbles

Apprope, which as designed many puzzlers and riddle games, has designed this one. The game is free for iOS and Android, and there is an ad-free version for players willing to pay. WordBubbles has in-app purchases for helping players in different levels.

How to get started?

Word search games mostly have the same kind of premise, and that in that respect, WordBubbles follows suit but has a charm of its own. As an alternative to grids, you have bubbles with letters, which must be connected rightly to find the right word. You can swipe up, down, and across and diagonally to create the right word. Hints are earned for every right answer, and if you are looking for more help, you can buy more from respective app store. There are total of 50 levels and 400 puzzles.

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What’s good?

WordBubbles has a big range of puzzles, which remains it strength. The ad-free version, although with that extra cost, is a good choice for players, while the tutorial at the start of the game is much worthy. The game doesn’t disappoint in terms of design, and the puzzles can hook anyone after the first few easy levels. .

What’s not good?

Lack of newness is what makes WordBubble a bore at times. There is not much that one can expect in terms of innovation, and the levels are dependent of one another, which isn’t desirable as the first few ones are too easy for adult players.

Final verdict

WordBubbles stays true to the genre and offers fun for those looking for word puzzlers. For its sheer charm and simple interface, the game deserves a mention.



WordUp For PC


WordUp is yet another word game that comes with a familiar premise, but certainly with better levels and more mind teasing puzzles at every increasing level.

Wordup iconAbout WordUp

The game has been released by the developer of GuessUp- PlaySimple Games. WordUp is available for free download for iOS and Android, although you will find in-app purchases in form of coins, which will help you get ahead.

How to get started?

WordUp is among the best word puzzlers to come out recently, and the game play is very simple, where you need to guess right words with alphabets placed in different grids. The grids start easy with 2×2, and as you move from one level to another, you can reach the highest level, which has 6×6 grid. The names of the levels have animals like amoeba, tiger, elephant and so on, and the largest level is alien, which has the highest difficulty level.

Coins are in-app currency and can be earned for right answers or purchased as needed. Coins can be used to reveal the right letters, with 25 coins needed for each letter.

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What’s good?

WordUp is tempting and enjoyable as a word based game, keeping in mind that the genre has been done to death off late. The developers have kept the overall game play simple, and the graphics make sense. Hold your patience as you move from the first few levels, because that’s where the fun begins.

What’s not good?

If you have played many word games, this one seems too much familiar, but that’s quite minor hiccup considering that the developers have ticked all the right boxes.

Final verdict

WordUp is pretty much engaging, as long as you are willing to get immersed in the experience, mainly after the first few levels. Get going with this one!

None* for PC

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None* is a new kind of game in the amazing genre of puzzlers, where some simple clues must be decoded for unexpected and unique answers.

None iconAbout None*

What can be more interesting than a game that says – “No one really knows what none* game is about”? The game, which has been developed by Rain projects, is currently accessible for free download on iOS, Android and Windows. Unlike many games of the genre, there are no in-app purchases.

How to get started?

None* is only one of its kind as compared to some other similar games of the same genre, which remains a thing to watch for.  The game focuses on ‘out of the box’ thinking, with levels that can be tough right from the start. Unlike puzzles with jumbled letters for easy answering, here there is nothing but all alphabets and numbers clubbed together. What’s more surprising is the fact that there is no help available, which means you are much on your own.

What’s good?

None* comes without any sounds and images, and the graphics are a pleasure to the eyes. Also, the game has 50 levels, each being tougher than the previous one, retaining the fun factor. The game may have a sequel soon, which is yet another happy announcement. With no purchases being pushed for sales, this is an exceptional game, which stays true to the genre.

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What’s not good?

If you are looking for shortcuts in this game, there are none. You are much on your own, and therefore, the game may seem boring when you are struck. The ads at the end of the screen are distracting.

Final verdict

None* is assertive, multifaceted and outstanding in its own ways, although you will need plenty of patience to clear through the levels sans any help from any corner.

Guess Up Emoji for PC

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For the lovers of puzzlers, Guess Up Emoji is yet another engaging game that promises a lot of fun with simple levels with great brainstorming value.

Guess Up Emoji iconAbout Guess Up Emoji

Guess Up Emoji – Guess Emoji is available via Playsimple Games and has been originally conceptualized and developed by Suraj Nalin. This is one big of a brainteaser game that’s free for download on both iOS and Android platforms. The app has in-app purchases for helping players.

How to get started?

The developers may have tried a tested genre but the basic game is real fun. Guess Up Emoji begins with an graceful tutorial that informs players about the diverse features, which will help them. Every level has a set of jumbled up letters that can be mindfully used for guessing the result. The coins are available as the only in-app currency and can be purchased from the app store. The coins are helpful for knowing one (or two) letters or revealing the right answer. There is also the third option of removing the letters. Coins are also won for guessing right answers.

What’s good?

Guess Up Emoji has a good premise in place and the puzzles are good enough to leave you thinking, even in the initial stages. There is a special referral program, which is meant for helping players in earning additional coins for referring the game on various social sites. There is support for five languages in the app.

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What’s not good?

The game is a straightforward addition a genre that has been beaten to death, which means there is no innovation here. Most players will have a sense of knowing it all!

Final verdict

Despite the similar theme and a tested genre as many rivals, Guess Up Emoji is good fun as long as you are ready to invest the mind!