WordSpace for PC

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Looking for a cute looking word guessing game? WordSpace can be that and much more! Read on to find the best things about the game.

WordSpaceAbout WordSpace

After designing games like Jelly Pop Free and Original Snake Lite, Blue Wind has come up with WordSpace, which promises fun with word guessing. The main game is free for download and is available on both iOS and Android. There are in-app purchases within the app.

How to get started?

The good thing is the tutorial at the start of the game. The game has more than 400 levels and counting, and you can see them in a map, in the way as in games like Candy Crush. The task of the player is to guess words using letters, which are placed in a grid, and as you move ahead, the size of the grid will increase, and you may have to guess more than one word. It is very essential that the letters are used in right order to find the words, else the puzzle may look unsolvable. There are hints to help in tough levels, and you can buy more from the store.

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What’s good?

While this is a genre that looks overdone on many occasions, WordSpace has its heart in the right place. There is huge number of levels, and the game would appeal to all kinds of players. What’s good is the addition of the tutorial. The design and interface is simple and has cartoonish elements, which works rightly.

What’s not great?

There are no clues for the puzzles, and for some players, things may look complicated after the initial levels. Android users may witness a black screen appearing suddenly on the screen, which is weird.

Final verdict

WordSpace has all the right things in place, with a few negligible flaws. If you are looking beyond that, the game would look fun and worthy.

Who's the Player for PC

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Who’s the Player is a fun new game around football players, promising great fun with guessing in a familiar but interesting premise.

Who's the Player iconAbout Who’s the Player

“Who’s the Player? Free Football Soccer Sport Quiz Word Pic Game” has been released by ARE Apps Ltd, who have previously designed games like Whats the Team. The game is free but for now, it is available on iOS only. There are in-app purchases within the app.

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How to get started?

Guessing games often feel and have a similar feel, and this game isn’t different in that respect. Here, you have picture clues, and the task is to find the right football player. For finding the answers, you will have letters at the bottom of the image. In case you are struck, there are coins, which can be used to find the right letters or reveal the answer. There are over 1600 players from varied leagues, so there’s a lot to be enjoyed. Coins can be purchased additionally from the store in form of in-app purchases.

What’s good?

With a huge number of players to be guessed, this game is a big treat for football fans. Who’s the Player doesn’t have many big things to boast of, but the interface and design is simple and effective in limited ways. What’s good is the incredible way the developers have created the game with multiple choices.

What’s not great?

There aren’t many lags, except that the app size is heavy. Also, the game isn’t available on Android for now, which is kind of sad, given that many players would love the genre.

Final verdict

All in all, Who’s the Player makes sense to all kinds of football fans, and with those huge puzzles, you are likely to keep playing for long. This one is worth a try!

Word Trek for PC

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Think word games are the same? Take a shot at Word Trek – Word brain puzzles, which is pretty fun and offers some mindboggling puzzles.
Word Trek iconAbout Word Trek

PlaySimple Games Private Limited has designed some great apps, and Word Trek – Word brain puzzles promises to take the fun ahead. The game is free for download on both iOS and Android, but users should note there are in-app purchases to help in the app.

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How to get started?

To start the game, you need Facebook connect or play like a guest. The task is similar to many other games – you need to find words hidden in a grid that contains letters. While the first level is pretty easy, you will then find 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 puzzles, which tests your mind in real ways. The puzzles are intended to be solved in a certain way, so make sure that you follow the same, else there is a dead end. You can use the finger in any way to connect the letters. If struck, you can ask friends for help, or use hints, which can be later purchased for real cash.

What’s good?

Word Trek is genuinely tough as a word game, and even the simple puzzles look really hard-hitting, which is something that many games often miss. If you are keen on trying better puzzlers, this one fits the bill for sure. The design and interface is full of colors and very neat in all aspects, and the tutorial is really great for starters.

What’s not great?

You have to complete one pack to move to the next, and that can be a sad thing. Also, the right words depend on what the game has set, so you must find the intended words.



Final verdict

All in all, Word Trek is engaging and worth the time. If you want a fun game, this is a good choice.


WordBrain Themes for PC

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Do you want to enjoy word guessing with a difference? WordBrain promises a lot of new things, ensuring your brain gets a quick workout.

WordBrain Themes iconAbout WordBrain Themes

WordBrain and Ruzzle are two known games for which developers MAG Interactive is mainly known for, and with this, they want to achieve more in the same genre. This one is free for download on both iOS and Android, but there are in-app purchases in form of hints.

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How to get started?

If you have similar word games, the premise may seem familiar. The game needs you will have swipe your fingers on a grid containing letters to find the right word. The themes are also very different, and therefore, you will have a lot of new things to enjoy. The initial grids are limited to 2×2, but as you go ahead, you will find 3×3, 3×4, 4×4, 4×5, 5×5, 5×6, 6×6, 6×7, and 7×7 grids, which makes the game tough. If you are unable to solve a puzzle, you can use hints to find the answers, but do make sure to use wisely as the advanced levels are tough.

What’s good?

If you are looking for theme, design and style, this game has all the elements in favor. WordBrain Themes has many engaging themes and genres, and no matter how fast you can play, the advanced puzzles will test your patience and brain. The game has a tutorial at the start, which works big time for new players.

What’s not great?

You may need hints pretty often, and for avoiding that, there is a need to play with care. Check your spending at all times!

Final verdict

If you haven’t played WordBrain Themes, you are missing something for sure! The game, despite a similar premise, is a delight in many ways. 

Word Smart for PC

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Looking for a fun word game with a difference? Read on to find why Word Smart– A Brain Training Game can be the choice you are looking for!

Word Smart iconAbout Word Smart

Word Smart has been developed, designed and released by Hi Studio Limited, and is being promoted as a word game that can be enjoyed by all kinds of players. The main game is available for iOS and Android for free, while there are a few in-app purchases within the app.

How to get started?

Word Smart doesn’t have too many features, which makes it very easy to understand. The game has grids with letters, and all you have to do is guess the right words. For solving each word, you can swipe your fingers up, down, left, right, diagonally, and even backwards. Please note that the grid sizes will increase as you move up on the ladder, with packs having 6×6 grids and beyond. If you are struck at any points, there are hints that will help you get ahead, and if needed, you can buy more from the store. One must solve one pack to move to the next, which is a must.

What’s good?

The designers have worked hard on the interface to keep it simple, while focusing more on puzzling and guessing elements. All in all, the game is effective with a lot of levels, and therefore, you are likely to keep playing this one for a long time.

What’s not great?

If you care for the game experience, the ads at the bottom of the screen can be pretty annoying. Also, there are full screen ads popping now and then.

Final verdict

All in all, Word Smart is effective and has the right puzzling value at place. For word game lovers, this one can be a fun delight worth the time.