WhatsApp for PC


WhatsApp is finally released for PC users below you will find the latest version of WhatsApp for Desktop.

WhatsApp is well known as the worlds first and most popular used by milions around the world messaging application. Facebook bought it last year because it had a large number of users in it more than facebook himself.

The main reason you need to install WhatsApp in your PC is because if you are at work it isn’t a good thing to stay all time focused in your Smartphone because your boss may fire you if he catches you on mobile phone on and on for some time.Using it in your computer will definitily help you a lot.



Installation of WhatsApp for PC

The new free android emulator is called Andy and is the best known software for you to use or open your applications in your computer. It is very popular and you can download it for free it counts milions of users nowdays.

Below you will find some very simple steps on how to install WhatsApp for PC with Andy Android Emulator on your computer.
1.The first thing you need to do is to download Andy software from its website.
2.After you download the software the setup is very easy you just need to click Next and what they tell you to do in the screen.
3.After installing it just run it. You will see something similar to an Android tablet running on Jelly Bean version. Go to Google Play and start it.
4.In the search box write down Whatsapp than open it and click Install it is like installing any application on any Android device.

You can launch the app anytime by first starting the Andy emulator and then finding the application, to start just click on it. Set up the application just like you set up it on your Android device to start using it further.

Trivia Crack for PC


Trivia Crack is one of the most downloaded and played games in the last 6 months and the main reason behind that is because you can challenge your friends or random player around the world and win trophies. In this way not only you waste some time but also learn new stuff every day from the six categories they provide (Art, Entertainment, History, Geography, Science, Sports)

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Learning the game play

Once you have downloaded the app, the next step is the compulsory signing in, which can be done with Facebook or Google. This is a multiplayer game, where you will be playing trivia challenges against other players. The game has two modes- classic and challenge, and both require you challenge another player. In the classic mode, you can choose a category by spinning the wheel, which will generate a new category. The challenge mode is more fun, where you can challenge another player. If you are not keen on playing against friends on your Facebook list, the app also offers the option to check random players, which is chosen by the app haphazardly.

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Questions are unlikely to be repeated, which is a great thing, and the fact that you are pushed to answer right as a challenge is great. Sadly, you will just get three lives to start off, and following that, there are two choices. Either you need to buy the full version, or must ask your friends for extra lives through Facebook.

Trivia Crack for PC

Now in this part here I’m going to share the installation process which is going to be simple and I’m going to guide you throughout the installation process step by step so that you don’t commit any mistake neither you get into any trouble. You need to start the installation process by first updating the graphics driver version of your PC to the latest version and then trying with the process. I’m making you do this because of the fact that this game requires latest version of graphics driver and hardware.

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  1. You need to first download Andy Android emulator for your Windows PC which is available for free over its official website.
  2. Once software is downloaded then install it on your computer. You can do the installation very easily and I’m pretty sure that you will not find any trouble.
  3. Once software starts then you need to login with your Google account. This will setup 1ClickSync feature between Andy and your Android device. Once it’s done then you will see an Android tablet like user interface on your computer.
  4. Start the Google Play store app you see over there and then using its search tool find out Trivia Crack game. Make sure internet is connected and once you found the game then click on ‘Install’ option at last to complete the installation.

So basically thats it, with 4 simple steps you will manage to have Trivia Crack for PC downloaded and ready in your personal computer. In case you are facing and difficulties make sure to contact us using the comments below