InstaMessage for PC


InstaMessage is a well known application which gives you the opportunity to chat with your Instagram followers. As you all know Instagram is a famous social application owned by Facebook in which you can upload photos and videos. InstaMessage makes possible that chating with your followers. Finally this great application has been released for PC.Instamessage allows you to connect directly with nearby users or anyone you follow on instagram, Your dream has finally come true. Are you Feeling shy to write a comment on instagram? WE UNDERSTAND YOU. Now with instamessage you can talk freely with your followers you like most in a total private conversation.



Install InstaMessage for PC 

We will describe in a few steps the ways to download InstaMessage and open it in your PC.

1.The first thing you need to do is to download Bluestacks

2. After downloading go to the place the setup is saved double click to install it in your computer.

3. When the installation of Bluestacks has finished go in the search box and type InstaMessage.

4. After finding InstaMessage click Install and I accept.

Congratulations. You have just installed Instamessage in your PC and you can start immediately using it and chat with your friends or with people you don’t know.

There is also another method to download instamessage is by using APK (Android Application Package)

– Download the Instamessage APK file

– Open the Instamessage APK file with the Bluestacks and run it.

Finished that was so simple.





Tango for PC


Tango is the application in which you can video call every friend you know for free the friend you call needs to have Tango also installed in its smartphone. It is the most downloaded Video call application in the entire globe ranked 12th in the most donwloaded applications with over 200 milion users worldwide. Lately Tango also has created a social place like Facebook when you can add a profile picture and people can search you and as a friend. If you choose to approve the friend request than the person who added you will be able to write, video call or send you pictures. There are so many love stories who were created by Tango in its new social place. You can find your future bride also so start using it.

Tango is served in this platforms:

1. Tango for iOS
2. Tango for Android
3. Tango for Windows Mobile
4. Tango for PC



Tango for PC gives you a great opportunity to speak with your loved persons from your laptop or PC. To donwload Tango for PC you need to go to the official site of Tango and in the search box write Tango for PC. After that click the Windows Version Download. Wait for the download to finish and after that go to where the file was saved and open it. The installation is very easy you just follow the instructions shown in the screen and you are finished. The synchronization of the contacts will happen automatically from your Smartphone to your PC. Download Tango for PC.


There are 2 versions of Tango for PC. The first version is Tango only voice calls which means that you can only hear the voice of the person you are speaking with exactly like a phone call without seeing its face and the second one Tango Full. Downloading Tango Full means you can speak through video calls sent pictures and chat without restrictions. I guess you know what to download in the official page now.



Snapchat for PC


Snapchat is a photo messaging application where users can make different photos or videos and add text or draw something on the picture to send it to their friends. The moment you send the photo you set a time limit for how long contacts can see the Snaps you sent to them after the date you selected expires the photos are automatically deleted from Snapchat servers and users can not see the photo you sent anymore. Snapchat has already millions of users in and it has become a very successful application in which you can have fun with your friends. The price of the company who created Snapchat application went approximately 10 billion $. The Kleiner Perkins, a Silicon Valley venture negotiated a financial agreement with Snapchat creators but the deal was never done.


How to install Snapchat for PC

Below you will find the installation steps you need to follow to finally start using snapchat in your PC.

1.We will start with the installation of Snapchat for PC first by downloading BlueStack in its official website.

2.After download the software on your PC go to downloads and execute it by double clicking. After it opens follow the simple steps shown in the screen of the setup.

3. When the setup is finished wait for the application to open it will show an Android screen and menu go to Google Play Store and login with your account.

4. After logging in go to the search box in the upper screen and search for Snapchat. When it shows go to the icon and click install.

5.When setup is finished in your Android screen than you are free to use the Snapchat Photo application send photos and communicate with your friend directly.

Follow this simple steps we showed to you and you will have no problems or difficulties installing the Snapchat App for PC.





Viber for PC


Viber is the first application created in which you could call around the world by simply being connected to internet and both persons should have Viber installed in their Smartphone. It was one of those creations that changed the way people spoke to their loved persons miles and miles away without paying incredible amounts of money. It is absolutely free you can download it in iOS, Android , Blackberry, Windows Phone etc. In Viber you can also send photos and chat with your contacts. Registration is very simple Viber uses your phone number as your identity. The moment you type your phone number Viber sends a registration code via sms. Write down the code in the blank field, after finishing this you can call and type for free everywhere.

viber                                                         viber-android-text

Viber Out lets its users to call anyone from Viber to landlines or simple mobile phones for very low rates. Currently it is available only in iOS and Android Devices.


Viber for PC is very simple to install. First thing you need to do is to go to Viber official website, after opening it write down in the search button Viber for Windows. You will be redirected to the website for windows, in that website you will see a big green coloured button writing GET VIBER just click on it. After the download has finished go to your downloads and double click the icon ViberSetup.exe after the setup opens just click Accept& Install and you are done. Viber synchronises contacts in your computer from your Smartphone.Download Viber for PC






WhatsApp for PC


WhatsApp is finally released for PC users below you will find the latest version of WhatsApp for Desktop.

WhatsApp is well known as the worlds first and most popular used by milions around the world messaging application. Facebook bought it last year because it had a large number of users in it more than facebook himself.

The main reason you need to install WhatsApp in your PC is because if you are at work it isn’t a good thing to stay all time focused in your Smartphone because your boss may fire you if he catches you on mobile phone on and on for some time.Using it in your computer will definitily help you a lot.



Installation of WhatsApp for PC

The new free android emulator is called Andy and is the best known software for you to use or open your applications in your computer. It is very popular and you can download it for free it counts milions of users nowdays.

Below you will find some very simple steps on how to install WhatsApp for PC with Andy Android Emulator on your computer.
1.The first thing you need to do is to download Andy software from its website.
2.After you download the software the setup is very easy you just need to click Next and what they tell you to do in the screen.
3.After installing it just run it. You will see something similar to an Android tablet running on Jelly Bean version. Go to Google Play and start it.
4.In the search box write down Whatsapp than open it and click Install it is like installing any application on any Android device.

You can launch the app anytime by first starting the Andy emulator and then finding the application, to start just click on it. Set up the application just like you set up it on your Android device to start using it further.