Symbology for PC

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With so many puzzlers available, Symbology is a good addition to the genre, with a premise where a few symbols guide players in guessing the exact objects.

Symbology iconAbout Symbology

The game has been designed by Random Logic Games, LLC, which happens to be the same developer that has created champion games, including Guess the Movie and Guess the GIF. The game is at present free for download on iOS and Android platforms and has in- app purchases.

How to get started?

Random Logic Games, LLC has designed a lot of uncomplicated games with a supreme foundation, and Symbology is right in the same genre. In the game, the player has a complete list of one or many symbols that tip to something, and the guesses can be as diverse. In case you cannot solve a level, you can ask the question or puzzle via Facebook option. Each puzzle comes with a list of symbols and a set of jumbled up alphabets meant to guide players.

The hints here are in-game currency and can be earned for every correct puzzle and used to crack them. The hints can be used for getting clear of letters, revealing a exact letter or disclosing the answer. The in-app purchases are hints, which can be bought additionally.

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What’s good?

Symbology is a reasonable, straightforward game with trouble-free graphics that don’t command big things from your device. The hint system is well developed and players can find themselves investing, as the puzzles have good brainstorming value.

What’s not great?

The background music feels unwanted to be precise, and you will hate the irksome ads that keep loading at the bottom of the screen.

Final word

Symbology is pleasurable and nice-looking riddle game that should be enjoyed by most people. For puzzle lovers, this is worth a try!

Hi Guess The Food for PC

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Hi Guess the Food takes the love for food and matches with the fun of guessing in an interesting premise, offering plenty of entertainment.

Hi Guess the Food iconAbout Hi Guess the Food

Released by Hi Studio Games and developed by Man Zhang, the game is free on iOS and Android platforms. There are in-app purchases, which are intended to help players solves puzzles easily for cash. Hi Guess the Food is all about finding the right food brand, with a picture clue.

How to get started?

Hi Guess the Food is a fun and exciting game that has many levels, with each level having a series of puzzles. For every puzzle, players get picture clue and a set of letters. The idea is to find the right answer, using the jumbled letters. For help, you can check for in-app purchases, which will allow you to remove unwanted letters, find right ones and even reveal the answer. Make sure that you try hard with the guesses as things get tough from the start.

What’s good?

In spite of the recognizable model and premise, Hi Guess The Food doesn’t look like a clone, which remains its best highlight. There are hundreds of puzzles, which are more than enough for anyone to keep guessing all the way. Not to forget, the game play and theme is fun enough.

What’s not great?

Ads at the bottom of the screen are as annoying as the full screen ads, and there are plenty of these ads. The in-app purchases are expensive as compared to others, which can be hard for regular players.

Final verdict

Hi Guess the Food is genuinely engaging, and if you can go past a few hiccups, this one is the right one to own in your mobile or any tablet.

Logo Quiz – Canadian Brands for PC

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Logo Quiz – Canadian Brands is a genuinely good game that focuses on Canadian brands and follows the same theme as logo guessing apps.

Logo Quiz - Canadian BrandsAbout Logo Quiz – Canadian Brands

Developers Mangoo Games have come up with many games of this genre, and this one is yet another addition. This time, the game has been released for iOS only, at least for now. Android users will have to wait for a while before they can actually get this one. The game has n-app purchases.

How to get started?

In line with most of the logo games, Logo Quiz – Canadian Brands starts on the same note, where the focus is on the local brands of Canada. Every logo comes with a set of alphabets, which is meant to help the players in guessing the answers. The coins are game purchases and can be earned for right answers. You can use the coins for scrapping unwanted letters and revealing the answers.

The game says there are more than 200 logos to be guessed, and that ensures enough fun for all players. The developers have mentioned that only 2% players have managed to complete the game so far, which should give you ample challenge to get ahead.

What’s good?

Logo Quiz – Canadian Brands is a good and fair game to be precise. The developers didn’t make tall promises, but then there aren’t big things that one can expect. The in-app purchases are pretty well balanced, so you aren’t focued to buy the same.

What’s not great?

This game is much like most logo games, so you don’t have too many new things happening here for sure.

Final verdict

Logo Quiz – Canadian Brands is good engagement, unless you are expecting major things. Just go with the flow, and this one will engage you!

PixWords for PC

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Want a fun and ongoing word-picture puzzle game, which doesn’t seem to end? PixWords ticks all the boxes without any glitch!

PixWords iconAbout PixWords

PixWords is free for download for both iOS and Android platforms. Developed and designed by Black Maple Games, the game has in-app purchases, which are coins and will help the player to get ahead. The game is worthy of all the time as there are many levels, each being tougher than the other.

In every level of this game, you have a set of pictures, which overlap one another like in a puzzle. Also, you have picture clue for every word to be guessed with a set of jumbled words. If you are struck, there are coins, which will help in revealing answers and letters and removing unwanted letters. Coins can be purchased additionally from the store. Every level of PixWords is fun and challenging, which is the best part of this game.

What’s good?

PixWords is exceptionally thrilling, and there are more than 500 levels to complete. The levels are tough enough to use the brains, and it gets on the track from the start. The game can be played in around 20 languages, which is a great thing. The game play and interface is quite fun and easy on the eyes.

What’s not great?

Those popping full screen ads come straight at you, which is not something to apperciate. The hints are expensive, and yet, players will need them more than often. A game tutorial should have been included for guiding the starters.

How to get started?

Final verdict

Word puzzle games often miss the fun on the start, but PixWords ensures that you have too much to grip from the start. A rare game that challenges your English and mind together in the right ways!

Oneword – Pics Quiz for PC

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OneWord – Pics Quiz is an exhilarating fresh puzzler that brings fun with guessing, using four images that mean to the same word. Players must guess answers with clues that don’t always seem obvious.

OneWord - Pics Quiz iconAbout OneWord – Pics Quiz

Designed by Suraj Nalin, OneWord has been released by PlaySimple games. For now, the game is available for both iOS and Android platforms for free, but there in-app purchases that add costs for the players. Although the game seems familiar, a lot is here to be enjoyed.

How to get started?

In OneWord , the premise is about puzzles, and for each, there are four diverse pictures, which refer mean to hint at one word. A set of jumbled letters will help you guess the answer and probably get confused too! The initial levels are effortless to be precise, the game gets hard-hitting in no time.

Coins have been used as in-app currency and can be furthermore purchased as a part of their purchases. The coins are for showing true letters, scrapping needless ones and finding answers to different levels. The game does ask for Facebook connect, but players can play in guest mode too!

What’s good?

OneWord works for its design and theme, while the game play is also well intended and conceived too. The game also appeals to all kinds of players, and starting with easy puzzles, the levels are soon tough and demand at least basic thinking.

What’s not good?

With many picture based apps out there, this feels nothing but repetitive, which is again not easy to overlook. The game levels can have good puzzles, but the feel is same.

Final verdict

With a breezy and happening premise in the core, OneWord is surely fun for people of all ages, and that’s something the developers want to get the best benefits from.