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LogoPop: Logo Quizis a game that comes with the same theme as many logo games, and yet there are surprises with every passing level, thanks to a huge collection.

LogoPop IconAbout LogoPop : Logo Quiz

PlaySimple Games has released LogoPop, but the game is available for Android only, at least for now. The iOS platform users will have to wait for the game to come soon it seems. The game has in-app purchases in form of coins, which are helpful for getting ahead in the levels.

How to get started?

The basic concept is all about finding answers to the logos given. Each puzzle comes with set of jumbled letters, and the players need to pick right letters for revealing the answer. The brands are varied and speckled with regards to the industries concerned, so players many be confused to some extent as what would come next. The coins are hints and can be purchased from the store.  The hints can be used to get rid of redundant letters from the set, reveal right ones and even break the level answer.

What’s good?

LogoPop works a breezy guessing game, and there is a lot that most players will enjoy. There are a total of 300 different levels, which will blow the mind as the levels advance. The game can be played in the guest mode, so you don’t need to worry on the login or Facebook connect.

What’s not great?

With many such similar games on the block, this game doesn’t offer anything new, which is quite a sad thing for a game that comes from promising developers. Apart from that, most things seem in place.

Final verdict

Unless you are expecting big things, LogoPop should be fun and worth the time to be precise and most age groups should enjoy the guessing times.


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