Hollywood Quiz Game for PC

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Hollywood Quiz Game for PC
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Hollywood Quiz Game is a well conceived game that comes with puzzles designed and intended around movies, for those who love their films.

Hollywood Quiz Game iconAbout Hollywood Quiz Game

Hollywood Quiz Game- Family Movie Trivia has been designed by FatChicken Studios, the same team that designed Eights. The game is recently launched, and is currently available for iOS only. However, it is likely that Android version will be launched. There are in-app purchases within the app.

How to get started?

The basic premise of Hollywood Quiz Game is same as most of this genre. You have puzzles around movies, which have hints and clues to help you. A set of alphabets are specified, for ensuring that one guesses the answer correctly. As cool as it is, the key in-app currency here is popcorn. Players can earn the popcorns for guessing puzzles and have the option to even buy them from the store. The popcorn can be further used for viewing answer, exposing letters and removing extra ones.

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What’s good?

As long as you are not expecting big things, Hollywood Quiz Game is genuinely fun and caters to one and all who love movies. The premise is same as most puzzlers, but the movie aspect of the game works wonders. The graphics are satisfactory with enjoyable color choices. Like a true puzzler, every level will leave you in splits, which is good.

What’s not good?

This is like a tested and overdone genre, which makes it a conventional game in terms of game play, although this is a small glitch that you will not mind once you start playing.

Final verdict

Hollywood Quiz Game offers good fun as long as it lasts. With so many puzzlers and similar themed games around, that’s a rare thing one can say about a game of the same zone.


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