Guess Up Emoji for PC

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Guess Up Emoji for PC
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For the lovers of puzzlers, Guess Up Emoji is yet another engaging game that promises a lot of fun with simple levels with great brainstorming value.

Guess Up Emoji iconAbout Guess Up Emoji

Guess Up Emoji – Guess Emoji is available via Playsimple Games and has been originally conceptualized and developed by Suraj Nalin. This is one big of a brainteaser game that’s free for download on both iOS and Android platforms. The app has in-app purchases for helping players.

How to get started?

The developers may have tried a tested genre but the basic game is real fun. Guess Up Emoji begins with an graceful tutorial that informs players about the diverse features, which will help them. Every level has a set of jumbled up letters that can be mindfully used for guessing the result. The coins are available as the only in-app currency and can be purchased from the app store. The coins are helpful for knowing one (or two) letters or revealing the right answer. There is also the third option of removing the letters. Coins are also won for guessing right answers.

What’s good?

Guess Up Emoji has a good premise in place and the puzzles are good enough to leave you thinking, even in the initial stages. There is a special referral program, which is meant for helping players in earning additional coins for referring the game on various social sites. There is support for five languages in the app.

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What’s not good?

The game is a straightforward addition a genre that has been beaten to death, which means there is no innovation here. Most players will have a sense of knowing it all!

Final verdict

Despite the similar theme and a tested genre as many rivals, Guess Up Emoji is good fun as long as you are ready to invest the mind!


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