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Think you loved mindboggling puzzles in EmojiNation? Take a shot at EmojiNation 2, which is equally fun, more happening and incredibly well designed

EmojiNation 2 iconAbout EmojiNation 2

EmojiNation 2 is a fun game around puzzles, which has been designed and developed by CloudTeam- the same team that had designed the much popular prequel. While the game is free for download for iOS and Android, there are in-app purchases in form of coins.

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How to get started?

The game has a background story happening and works just like the prequel, except that the puzzles are better here. The task is very simple – use the emojis to find the right phases or words for each puzzle. For solving the puzzle, you will have a set of letters to find the answer. If you are unable to move ahead, you can use coins to find the answer, reveal the right letters or eliminate the wrong ones. If you need more coins, you can spend money and buy for real cash, but make sure to use them wisely as the puzzles are very complicated. In fact, you will be too surprised to find how simple phases may be hard to guess.

What’s good?

EmojiNation 2 is fun because it never tries too hard. The puzzles are neither too hard nor too easy, and that kind of makes it more additive. In terms of design and interface, the graphics are better than the prequel. For fans of EmojiNation, this one is a treat.

What’s not great?

The version of the game doesn’t work for certain Android devices that are not updated, so you should check the same. As for the game, there are not many lags, but the initial game play may be confusing to some.

Final Verdict

Unless you want to find flaws, EmojiNation 2 is worth the time. Apart from the similar theme, the game has most of the things in its favor.



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