Crossword Quiz for PC

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Crossword Quiz is a fun game that brings the best of the crossword puzzles but with an engaging emoji guessing premise for the right mix.

Crossword QuizAbout Crossword Quiz

There are some great games that has been designed by Conversion, LLC, and Crossword Quiz would probably also join the list in days ahead. The developers have infused the right kind of elements in the game. The good thing is Crossword Quiz is free for download on both iOS and Android, with in-app purchases

How to get started?

Crossword Quiz is a fun game that does come in line with crosswords, but with some essential changes that makes it more fun. Here the crosswords are in levels, and in each crossword, you have individual puzzles that must be solved using emoji clues. There are categories like brands, movies, the 90s, music, celebrities, characters and sports, and four of the initial ones are free, while you have to earn points to solve the other four. If you are struck at any level, the points can be used to remove letters, solve the puzzle or expose the right letters. As needed, you can buy more points from the store.

What’s good?

If you are looking for a game that works well like a crossword game but with better guessing and puzzling value, then this one should be your ideal choice. The game overall has all the things in place, especially the theme and design, which works really well.

What’s not great?

To be honest, some of the levels may seem tough for a few people, but that’s not an entirely bad thing. The only thing that doesn’t work is the locked levels, which means you have to cross one to unleash the next.

Final verdict

Unless you are looking for very big things from the puzzle and crossword genre, Crossword Quiz can turn out to be a go-to game worth the time.


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