7 Little Words For PC

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7 Little Words is a fun game about word guessing, which promises to be plenty of fun with a great premise and incredible features.

7 Little Words iconAbout 7 Little Words

The game has been designed and developed by the developers Blue Ox Technologies Ltd and is free for download. The game is available on both iOS and Android and has in-app purchases, although the main game is free. 7 Little Words mainly works for its incredible changes that make word guessing fun.

How to get started?

It might take some time before you can understand the game, but there is a tutorial for help. The game has packs of puzzles, and the first one called sunrise is free and has 50 puzzles. In each puzzle, you will have 7 clues, 7 mystery words, and 20 letter groups, and the task is to get the mystery words right, which must be made from grouped letters. In case you are struck at some point, there are in-app purchases that will help you in staying afloat. Keep in mind that the game can be complicated, so use those free hints wisely.

What’s good?

7 Little Words has the right changes in the word guessing format, and that works greatly. The puzzles may be limited for free, but the game gets high on guessing right from the start. Also, you will have daily puzzles for free, which is also a good thing for regular players. Puzzles also can be played randomly, and so you don’t need to solve one puzzle to move to the next.

What’s not great?

Apart from the first 50 puzzles, other packs must be purchased, and that’s easily the saddest part. Also, you may need in-app purchases more than often.

Final Verdict

Apart from the purchases, 7 Little Words is good fun and has all the things in place. If you love fun with words, this one is worth the time.


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