380 Words for PC

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380 Words for PC
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380 Words is an engaging new game that uses the concept of matching pictures and words into a new premise, which is totally refreshing!

380 WOrds iconAbout 380 Words

380 Words is unlike many of the picture based word games we have played so far. The game was recently released by Nebo Apps and by Emillia Lapina. The game comes with in-app purchases, although the overall game is free for both iOS and Android.

How to get started?

380 Words has a total of 19 levels, with 20 puzzles at every level. The player needs to see the images and guess the right word. The word is split into two or three mixed parts in circles, which must be matched too. With every puzzle that is solved, a new one will come up, and the level is complete when all the 20 puzzles are solved. There is no choice to move to next level before completing the preceding one, so one has to keep playing.

In case where you cannot solve more in a level, there are coins, which work as in-app currency and can be purchased to reveal one word, one circle or even both.

What’s good?

There’s a lot of innovation and brainstorming value in the game, which works in the favor of the genre. Every level keeps you addicted as the puzzles and words can get more confusing. There are Russian, German, English, French, and Spanish languages that one can choose.

What’s not good?

Having a tutorial at the start of the game may have eased things more for the users, as the game seems complicated initially.

Final verdict

380 Words is greatly engaging, which is very rare for the puzzle games we see these days. Check it for the pure fact that it brings new things on the table.


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