22 Clues for PC

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Most people love amazing word-picture based games, and with 22 Clues, the genre moves to an all new level with some unique tweaks.

22 Clues IconAbout 22 Clues

Second Gear Games has released the game and they have done quite a few word games too, including 3 Circles. The game is basically free for download and is available for both iOS and Android users, although there are in-app purchases for helping the player.

How to get started?

22 Clues is same as many word games, where you need to guess words using clues, but only with a small difference. Here, you will have picture clues, crossword-like questions, and quotes and a set of scrambled letters grouped together, which must be used to the right words. In case you are struck at any level, there are hints in form of coins, which can be used for finding words or even revealing some letters. Keep in mind that hints are expensive, and you must cross all puzzles in a level to unlock the next.

What’s good?

In a genre that’s often known to be cliché, the game does help players have fun with good tweaks, which is quite a good thing. The game has many puzzles at every level, and you can choose to play in any of the languages choices given, namely English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Overall, the theme and design is just right and works for the genre.

What’s not great?

Too many popping ads can be a distraction, and there are just 20 levels in the game, which is kind of less for a start, and some players may soon get over

Final verdict

22 Clues should appeal to players of all ages, and that’s a pretty good thing. The tweaks and twists are just about right, so it’s best that you discover rest on your own.


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